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Marine Mammals

Seals, Whales, Dolphins and other Marine Mammals of the Pacific

Updated: Jul 26, 2014 11:11pm PDT

Polar Bears

Polar Bears from the Canadian Arctic

Updated: Nov 07, 2013 3:44pm PDT

Sea Otters

Southern Sea Otters off the California Coast

Updated: Nov 10, 2013 11:21pm PDT

Animals and more

Bears, Butterflies, Alpaca's, Monkeys, etc.

Updated: May 12, 2014 6:46pm PDT

Flowers and more

Updated: Oct 28, 2013 10:03pm PDT

Landscapes, etc

All types of different pictures from cars, island's, boats, etc.

Updated: Apr 21, 2014 9:37pm PDT

Giants Baseball

Fun pictures from Giants games

Updated: Jun 09, 2014 2:58pm PDT

Baja 2012

Updated: Apr 11, 2012 7:31pm PDT

Friday Harbor Sept 12 2013

Updated: Oct 14, 2013 6:04pm PDT

My SmugMug Site Files (Do Not Delete)

DO NOT DELETE. This gallery was created for you by SmugMug. Please do ...

Updated: May 28, 2009 9:42pm PDT


Shorebirds, Hawks and other birds

Updated: Mar 17, 2014 3:50pm PDT

Sunrise and Sunsets

Sunrise and Sunset Photos from various places I've been to.

Updated: Oct 28, 2013 10:35pm PDT


Photos of shorebirds and other birds

Updated: Nov 12, 2013 1:19pm PDT

Fun Photos

Pictures of fun or unusual things I have taken.

Updated: Apr 21, 2014 9:45pm PDT

Sea Otters2

Sea Otters along the California Coast

Updated: Dec 10, 2013 2:38pm PDT


People pictures from trips and other places.

Updated: Nov 07, 2013 2:35pm PDT

BAJA 2014

Updated: Mar 10, 2014 10:07pm PDT

Your Bio

I've always been a lover of the Ocean and animals.
I love taking pictures of the outdoors, Marine Mammals, the Ocean, other animals and fun things.
I have had the wonderful opportunity of touching a Gray Whale and it forever changed me. Being eye to
eye with such an incredible animal is hard to describe.

So many places to go and so little time. Baja is one place I keep going back to
I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoy taking them.